Wednesday, April 2, 2008

World Autism Day - ASAN Australia Press Release

The Australian chapter of ASAN issued a press release today concerning World Autism Day. ASAN AU is run by Australian Autistic adults who have been involved in self-advocacy for a number of years and invites membership from autistic and Asperger youth and adults who wish to receive support to engage in self-advocacy.

April 2nd 2008

On this the inaugural World Autism Day ASAN AU asks society to recognize the existence, needs and aspirations of Autistic Adults living in our society.

We call for a comprehensive national approach to identifying and servicing the needs of all people on the Autism Spectrum.

We call for accurate data collection in relation to the autistic population.

We call for access to appropriate diagnostic services for adults who may have been missed or misdiagnosed in childhood.

We call for laws that uphold our rights as citizens and protect us from discrimination and vilification.

We call for the ratification of the "The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities" and the signing of its Protocols.

We ask to be recognized as a population with distinct needs and a capacity to make a significant positive impact upon society should we have our needs met and rights afforded to us.

We ask to be involved in all levels of decision making regarding our futures: "Nothing about us, without us"

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