Saturday, June 28, 2008

Inclusive Soccer in Cincinnati

ASAN Southwest Ohio recently received an e-mail from Jim Myres with information about Cincinnati TOP Soccer, an athletic program for children and young adults with special needs in Southwest Ohio. The program serves young people ages 5 through 20, and autistic youths are welcome to play on Cincinnati TOP Soccer teams.

According to the program's website, Cincinnati TOP Soccer is "part of a national soccer program created to train young people with disabilities in a caring coaching environment. The Greater Cincinnati chapter allows a child to participate in the same community sports program as their non-disabled brothers and sisters - to wear the same club uniform, play at the same fields, go to the same awards banquets, and if appropriate, play on a non-disabled team."

ASAN Southwest Ohio supports inclusion of autistic individuals and others with disabilities as fully participating members of community programs. We appreciate Mr. Myres' taking the time to let us know about Cincinnati TOP Soccer, and we hope that its teams will have an enjoyable fall season.

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