Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Community Choice Act Needs Support

The Autistic Self Advocacy Network has created the following Action Alert on to enable supporters of the Community Choice Act to quickly contact members of Congress and President Obama regarding the importance of the legislation. Please visit ASAN's Action Alert page and show your support!

Pass the Community Choice Act with Comprehensive Health Care Reform!

This action alert is designed to tell the Obama Administration and Congress that health care reform is incomplete without including long term services and supports through passage of the Community Choice Act. The Community Choice Act would reform Medicaid to increase access to community-based services and supports for all Americans. It would provide individuals with disabilities in institutions and nursing homes the option to receive community-based services and help address waiting lists by providing guaranteed access to a community-based benefit within Medicaid. It would also fix the institutional bias in Medicaid, liberating people from institutions and supporting them to live empowered lives within the community.


H.A. CONSIDDER said...

If the community CHOICE act had already been passed, OUR HOME would still been tegether! This is DISCRIMINATION, when we are being DICTATED to, in place of the first DOCTOR MY WIFE had, before he RETIRED! EVERY Email I send I am Filing against the last AGENCY who backed out on MY WIFE, under PATIENT DUMPING! IF you know the right LAWYER, PH.540=793=4023 !

Herbert said...

MY WIFE's CASE has been DRAGING out since 1990, alomg with EIGHT SETBACKS, due to MEDICARE LIMITATIONS, and HALF TRUTHS of HEALTHCARE! This has caused her to develope TYPE# 2 DIABETES, which could have been AVOIDED, along with all HER other SETBACKS, SHE had over HALF TREATMENTS, in place of FULL TREATMENTS! I will keep sending FMAILS, until RESTORED HEA.