Sunday, September 27, 2009

ASAN Protests Against Autism Speaks

Yesterday ASAN-Portland held a protest at an Autism Speaks walk in response to the "I Am Autism" video, which has infuriated not only Autistic people and our friends and family members, but also disability rights activists across the world with its inexcusable depiction of Autistics as stolen children who ruin their parents' lives.

Portland TV station KOIN 6 reported on the protest as shown in this video:

The station then followed up on the story by interviewing Elesia Ashkenazy, ASAN-Portland Chapter Director. The interview was the lead story on the 11 P.M. local news. You can watch it here:

FOX 12, another local Portland station, also reported on the ASAN protest. This video, which includes a brief statement from Elesia Ashkenazy, also has been made available on YouTube:

Another protest against an Autism Speaks walk will be held in Ohio two weeks from today, on the Ohio State University campus in Columbus. It is expected to draw a larger group and more media coverage than the Portland protest. If you are available to show your support for ASAN on Sunday, October 11 starting at 8:00 AM, please contact Melanie Yergeau at to let ASAN-OSU know that you will be there.


Sadderbutwisergirl said...

I'm feeling really inspired to do a protest myself! Do you know how likely that is in New Jersey?

asansouthwestohio said...

New Jersey is ASAN's home state, so that is highly likely. :)

To get involved in a protest (there or anywhere else), send an e-mail to ASAN's main HQ at and let Ari know you're interested.

ASAN New England said...

ASAN New England is also planning protests in Nashua NH and East Boston MA. Please contact asannewengland AT hotmail DOT com if interested.

asansouthwestohio said...

If anyone from Missouri is reading this, Autism Speaks has walks planned for Saturday Oct. 10th in both St. Louis and Kansas City, and ASAN is trying to get people together to protest. Contact if you can protest at either of those walks.