Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ohio Parent Survey on Autism and IEP Collaboration

ASAN Southwest Ohio has received a request to post an announcement and link to a brief online survey on the topic of Autism and IEP Collaboration. In light of the wording of question #9, we would like to clarify that ASAN does not endorse or promote the view that autism has "bio-medical aspects." The survey is intended for parents and guardians who are Ohio residents, who have children on the autism spectrum, and who are active with IEP processes currently.

Autism and IEP Collaboration Survey

Please consider completing a brief online survey targeting parents and guardians and their perceptions of the collaboration process for IEPs. The survey is specifically targeted to those on the Autism Spectrum and reside in Ohio.

This survey is being conducted by a graduate student at the University of Dayton completing her M.Ed. as well as obtaining licensure as an Intervention Specialist.

Please complete the survey by following this link to the Google Docs location.

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